@ Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) which help bring peace to the mind and body.  These steady hatha classes are led at a comfortable and mindful pace with focus on alignment and breath awareness.  All my classes are open to all levels, as I will provide modifications to poses to cater for different levels of experience.

@ Hatha Core, Hips & Shoulders  Class


Hatha core hips & shoulders class is offering the full body experience of yoga with a focus on your core/abdomin area as well as the opening up of your shoulder/chest area and the hip area.  Hips in particular is an area many people find tightening very quickly and this class is great to help with hip pain and the relief of Sciatica.   When you leave this class you should be feeling more mobile and even a little bit taller.  A strong core can help relieve back pain and  improve your posture.  This class is open to all levels, and I will provide modifications to poses to cater for different levels of experience

Monday and Wednesday 5.45pm Casual $15, Concession 10 classes $130.00

@ Extreme Yoga Class


Not for the faint hearted.  Previous yoga, martial arts, gym or sport experience recommended.  This routine is based on what is used within Yoga Education Trust in Prisons and also involves learning headstands and inversion training.  Designed for the wired mind a great workout leaving behind a calmed and focused mind, using yoga to help slow down at the end of a day, stop and breathe, finishing with a "Body Scan" meditation. It's about self-awareness, focus and controlling emotions.  Perfect for Private Sports Team practice.

Monday 7.00pm Casual $15, Concession 10 classes $130.00