Balance your life @Yoga.


Yoga is needed now more than ever.  The leading disability in the world is depression.  Yoga is renowned for not only exercising the body but also de-stressing and mindfulness. @Yoga’s mission is to get everyone “hooked on Yoga” by offering both Yoga and meditation options to suit all levels including studio classes, one on one options, in your workplaces, in your school for both primary and secondary school, in Rest homes and Hospice.  Yoga should be accessible to everyone and every ability.

Many people turn to Yoga as an alternate form of exercise some have had injuries that continue to bother them and yoga has become their option for gentle recovery while still exercising.

Traditional yoga is always on the menu but having a range of contemporary classes available is also what gives @Yoga a point of difference, guiding people through their yoga journey, offering modifications to soften or deepen your practice and always guiding you through how your body is moving and benefiting from your practice. Yoga is a wonderful tonic for a busy life, a stressed mind and a body out of sync.

All my classes are open to all levels, as I will provide modifications to poses to cater for different levels of experience.